Best speaker for a Tweed Twin clone?


+1 These speakers compliment the amp perfectly.

I own the RI and must agree that the stock Weber Blues sound just perfect..........great bass, capable of being very creamy and articulate at the same time with no ice pick qualities whatsoever.


I currently have a Tone Tubby ceramic hempcone and an old reconed Jensen P12Q in my Vicky.
I had ceramic Jensen RI C12N's for a couple of years prior that I really liked at higher volumes, very aggressive.
It came with Jensen RI P12N's that sound fantastic and were a big part of why I originally bought the amp. They are very warm and smooth with nice punch, great at lower volumes. I liked the C12N's at higher volumes, more Marshally and meaner.
I've liked all these I've tried equally, just different flavours.
My biggest regret with the Low Power Twin is once you've heard it turned up it's hard to go back and play in clubs at an acceptable level.
It's a tremendous amount of horsepower, at least in my world.
I just put a pair of reissue Jensen C12Q's in a Vox AC30CC that I took the blues out of to install in my '63 JMI AC30 to save the original Blues.
I gigged the AC30CC this weekend and liked what I was hearing with the inefficient Jensens. I think they allowed me to drive the amp a little harder and certainly take some of the weight off the amp.
Inefficient speakers can be real nice in high powered amps.

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