Best treble booster? (And best transistor?)


I read through some older threads but couldn't find anything too recent. I've owned 2 Dallas Rangemaster clones so far, the Beano Boost and the ThroBak Strange Master and I think they're both pretty great. I do know though that the Beano for instance has come with several different transistors over the years so, what's the best?? What was originally used in the Dallas Rangemaster?

Having neve played a real Rangemaster I'm curious to know what else is available, especially since it's 2016 and new pedals seem to be coming out every hour! :)
IMHO, the best transistor is the FET - Field Effect Transistor.
It has the closest characteristics to a valve/tube.
They also are more efficient & are more durable.


D*A*M Red Rooster is great. Various transistors have been used over the years (CV7112, OC78, OC141, etc.) but all sound excellent.


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Resuggan Audio's Phoenix boost is Killer. I've got that circuit baked into the custom OD pedal he did for me. It's got three selectable frequency ranges. "Treble" does a very good classic Rangemaster treble boost, "mid", brings some of the boost down to the upper-mids, and "full" brings the rest of the mids into the bump. It gives you a lot of flexibility to be able to boost where you need it. Killer for playing in a band setting! :)
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I believe the originals used either PNP OC44 or OC71 germanium transistors.

I like the Arc Effects Gamut. I had a Beano Boost at the same time and thought the Arc was smoother and warmer.


The TB question always comes down to what sort of application are you looking to use it for.
If its with single coils for a slight bit of bite (into something like a plexi or JCM800, or even a bassman), or into a Vox for that brian may style creaminess.
Or some humbuckers into a cranked amp where you really want to push it (a la Iommi/Page), where i think some of the ones with mid+treb boost option can be handy.

The Cornish TB83 is awesome, but quite pricey
As is the Fryer Brian May special

those two are my favourite old school treble boosters.

However, the early CV7003 loaded Keeley Java's, on full range mode, would probably be my favourite TB style boost. I like the tone knob and the full range option. And on top of that, the CV7003 had a lovely amount of warmth to it for a TB.

I haven't tried any of his new ones but wouldn't mind giving them a whirl one day and see what improvements have been made

The MG Alien Boost & DAM RR are another couple that are quite good. Not easy to find though.


There isn't really a best transistor... Choose your flavor and style of build. Original's did come with OC44 and OC7I. I had Throbak Strange Master, and Beano Boost with yellow jacket OC44. I liked both, but I had to crank them way above unity to get any decent sounds. I enjoy my DAM Red Rooster, but now I only use Don Butler Toneman, which are very difficult to find. The Toneman sounds the nastiness to me, and most like a real rangemaster. Reason why I'm sticking with Toneman, is that I don't need to run it way above unity volume, it excels at boosting OD and fuzz pedals, cleans up well, and has the traditional vintage tone I seek. All the pedals mentioned in this thread are very good- I'll add another to the list, Arcane Analog Skullmaster. Pigdog Driver with YJ 44 or OC71, is by all accounts, one of the best. Jext Telex, Keeley, Retroman... All good pedals. Never tried the Swart, will eventually buy a Diaz Texas Ranger. The MG sounds good on you tube. All of these pedala are extremely rig dependant...
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Best I've played was a Diaz Texas Ranger and, although it's not a Rangemaster type, my very favorite is Lumpy's Tone Shop SLPre.

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