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Best vacuum cleaners for families with young kids


Keeping your house tidy when you have toddlers or young children around seems to be a challenge. After a long working week, we only want to rest, but we have to clean the house and get rid of all kinds of messes in every room. The good news is the best vacuum cleaners on the market can turn these all-consuming tasks into an enjoyable experience.

After a quick Google search, you can find thousands, if not millions, results with appealing offers from manufacturers and retailers. All of these machines seem to be of excellent performance and modern design. So which device is the most suitable for your family?

While many reviews on best vacuum cleaners focus on machines for pets or specific floor types, reviews on best-rated vacuum cleaners for families with young kids are not easy to find. So we dedicated this article to look at several best vacuums that can take the burden off parents’ shoulders. Sounds useful? Read on as we explore more!

1. Miele Complete C3 Marin


  • Dimensions: 19.5’’ x 11.2’’ x 8.9’’
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds
  • Motor: 1,200 W vortex motor
  • Noise level: 50dB
  • HEPA air clean filter: yes
  • Operating radius: 36 ft.
  • Cord length: 24 ft.
  • Max power: 1200W
Miele Complete C3 Marin is rated as one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world for its top-notch flexibility and suction power. Its electric brush with LEDs allows users to adjust the height to vacuum different floor types, from hardwood to rugs and low-pile and high-pile carpets. Besides, the parquet floor brush provides 180-degree rotation, working gently on delicate surfaces while letting you maneuver under the furniture with ease.

This Miele’s vacuum has easy suction control thanks to six-level power settings. To add to user convenience, Miele engineers also included a plus/minus pedals so that you can step on it to adjust your desired suction strength instead of bending over. Even though this detail is minor, we reckon that it means a lot to parents who regularly clean the house. Remember the time when you felt like your back was broken after a cleaning session during the weekend? Well, those days are gone if you equip yourself with a C3 from Marin.

Kids’ bodies are not fully developed; therefore, more prone to pollution and allergens. So why not use the best vacuum cleaner for home like Miele Complete C3 Marin? But what is the best-rated vacuum cleaner? Well, aside from essential criteria such as suction power, usability, your machine’s filtration system is also worth your attention. It’s best to choose vacuums with HEPA filters like C3 so your little ones can live in a protective environment at home.

2. Dyson Ball Animal 2


  • Dimensions: 42.13’’ x 15.35’’ x 13.39’’
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Suction power: 270 air watts
  • Power cord: 35 ft. (can reach 50 ft.)
  • Hose: 13.7 ft.
  • HEPA filter: yes
  • Washable filter: yes
  • Noise level: 78dB
  • Warranty program: 5 years
Even though this Dyson vacuum's name might suggest that it’s specially designed for homes with furry friends, this machine is also a perfect choice for parents with young kids. Its incredible suction power of 306 air watts allows you to clean multiple floors effortlessly.

This Dyson machine has been ranked as the best vacuum for carpet on different home appliances and retailing sites. However, if you type in your search bars a few keywords like “what is the best vacuum to buy” or “which is the best vacuum cleaner," chances are you’ll come across Dyson Ball Animal 2 just after a few clicks of the mouse.

In our test last week on both carpet and timber floors, this beast has proved that it lives up to its name as the most powerful vacuum from Dyson. So why waste a relaxing weekend with a traditional device that takes you hours or even half a day to clean up your house? Dyson Ball Animal 2 will keep your cleaning time as quick and efficient as possible.

Dyson’s well-known Ball technology is patented, and it enhances the maneuverability of this uniquely designed machine. Are you wondering what’s so special about this feature? Here is the answer: Dyson keeps all of the core components in this ball - thus - the center of gravity is lowered to the bottom of the vacuum. As a result, moving Dyson Ball Animal 2 around is comfortable even though it looks bulky.

This best-selling Dyson vacuum has its peak noise level at 78dB, which is relatively louder than Miele Complete C3 Marin. So if you have a new-born, it’s best to schedule your vacuuming time while your baby is not sleeping.

3. Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away


  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Wattage: 1150
  • Cord length: 30ft.
  • LED lights: yes (on the floor nozzle and handle)
  • HEPA filter: yes
  • Crevice tool: 12.''
  • 5 year warranty

What's a good vacuum cleaner? It should be the one that fits your needs the most while performing its best for years to come. More importantly, it shouldn’t cost too much. If this criterion is also what you’re looking for in your purchase, then Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away is your best choice. It’s a versatile machine that lets you clean the floor, chair, sofa, table any many more areas effectively.

But what is powered rotator lift-away? You can remove the bulky canister to use the wand and base only. This user-friendly feature allows you to clean the underneath area without bending your back or moving your furniture around. Now, if you asked us, “what is a good vacuum?”, we would not hesitate to say that it should be the one that’s designed with utility in mind. And Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away is such a machine. So the days when you have to move the chairs or sofa away and then move them back once you’ve finished vacuuming are long gone. Also, you can now say goodbye to those back pain issues as well. So your time is better used, your health is also taken care of.

Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away performs exceptionally well on carpet thanks to its stiff bristles of the Duo Clean head, giving it excellent agitation. On the hard floor, this Shark vacuum also excels with the main floor or hard floor tool that works like a mop and a vacuum since it’s included with a washable microfibre pad.

➽➽➽ Find More Info: https://thekinglive.com/shark-navigator-lift-away-deluxe-nv360-reviews.html

The bottom line

What is a vacuum cleaner
, if not a useful household device, to help us with our daily or weekly cleanups? While best vacuum cleaners reviews usually focus on specific brands or the needs of a large group of customers such as pet owners, this review was written for parents with little kids.

As parents with toddlers, we understand how challenging it is to grapple with multiple tasks every day, so we hope that you find our article helpful. All three options above were carefully researched and reviewed based on customer feedback and our recent test. So click share if you like it and leave us your comments below.
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Here are a couple odd time tunes by Brad Rabuchin (nothing too exotic but they're fun):

Chariots - a Scofield tune; not unusual except that he changed it to 5/4

Brad's tune, 32.5, which goes back and forth between 4/4 and 5/4

Poppa Stoppa

'Golden Brown' by the Stranglers has some nice odd time segments. The intro is 3-3-3-4, so I guess that makes it in 13, and is a reasonable response to the famous line "You can't groove in 13, m*****f****r! That's why you broke!".

It seems the composer, Dave Greenfield, was inspired by Dave Brubeck. 'Blue Rondo A La Turk' is worth checking out for the same reason. 2-2-2-3, which I guess makes it 9/8.

Both these demonstrate a good way to create odd time signatures - combining 3's and 4's, or 2's and 3's.


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Most King Crimson

I like this tune too by Chris Squire
Great song. A couple of years ago I found myself on one of those oddball gigs where this was covered.

A lot of Genesis, too. Just found myself charting "Entangled" and it goes from 6/8 to the occasional 7/8. But I also had to search for my own post from a couple of months back when I actually counted through some of "Fifth of Firth":

"12/8 then 21/16 a couple of times, then 13/16, then 15/16 and back to 21. Then 12/8 again. Then it gets weird."


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So here's a little mnemonic I learned to be able to quickly play any time signature over eight:

5/8 = university
7/8 = listen to the radio
3/8 = tri-puh-let
2/8 = one-two

So, someone in your band wrote a song in 19/8?

listen to the radio listen to the radio university
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