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Need some help choosing a vocal mic. I currently use an SM 58. Live sound, often through a small amp, but mostly to a PA. Wonder if I could do better than the SM 58.

I also heard people say to trial mics and find the one that is best for my voice. How do you do that? I would be afraid the system I would be hooked to at a music store would alter my choice. Do you purchase one and take it home?

Any help is would be much appreciated?

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If you are not using a real PA, its not going to matter much. An SM58 is fine. The limiting factor is your amplification. A guitar amp doesn't reproduce a full spectrum of frequencies like a PA does. A 58 is good enough for the vast majority of singers.

For studio applications, the answer is "the one that sounds best on your voice". Which could be anything. Hits were recorded with Sm58's. Hits were also recorded with U47s.

Totally Bored

Shure SM 57's and 58's are the industry standard. Can't go wrong with them for live and recording. With that said ....

For Vocals at a gig I use either a EV 967 or a EV 767. Twice the noise rejection as a 57 or 58. It's kinda like double the volume thru your P.A. and they just sound clearer and bigger.

For recording vocals I use a Audio Technica AT4033. I'm sure there are way better vocal mics but I bought this 20 years ago and it works great.

I use 57's and 58's for drums and guitar amps. I've used them for vocals in the past and they work great.

Good luck.
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I agree with what others have said - that if you don't have decent PA then it doesn't really matter that much. With that said, my preference is a ksm9 on my voice, both in how it sounds and how it works in the polar patterns. I also don't play on really loud stages and honestly can't remember the last time I had a wedge is pretty easy to get feedback because of the big throw on the pickup pattern.


I really like the EV N/D767a. It is much louder and brighter than the SM58. You don't have to turn the PA up as much. Sounds really good.


I'm partial to the Shure beta 58a. Solid, great sounding mic for live vocals.

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