Best wah you've come across?


Jerry Cantrell was the best, really throaty, great with overdrive and loads of character but it had to go as it killed my dry tone

Xotic, all the bells and whistles, great size for the board but not a lot of mojo

RMC10, great for character etc but couldnt live with the short sweep so had to go

BMF, my goldilocks wah, nice character, no issues with sweep and had no issues with other pedals. Just right.
A/DA PBF expression flanger at the end of my chain - if that counts.
Great for atmospheric frequency sculpting to match melody or add a second tier of melody.

I'd like to mod my Vorg Warp for similar purposes.

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I still use my Crybaby I got in the early '90s. About a month ago the pot started getting scratchy so I replaced it with a McCon-O-Pot (II Gen). Wow, what a difference. I love the sweep. My old Crybaby is like a brand new wah. I was thinking about getting a Jam Wahcko but since getting the new pot I see myself sticking with my old Crybaby for a long time.


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Out of the following:
Prostage rack wah
Mini Crybaby
Original Crybaby
Vintage Vox
Chi wah Plutonium
Dunlop Buddy Guy
And a few others

The only one that stayed was the Dunlop Buddy Guy


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I use an old Budda wah. I actually sold it to the local shop to fund an RMC. It came back to the shop a year later and I immediately re-bought it. Haven't looked back.
An old band mate had a Silver Machine wah. That was one of the best I have ever heard.
Raised in Indiana and a Hoosier, Wilson has caught my favor
I dig the Wilson and want to try but went with my first Morley pedal ever because of specific things I was looking for (reduced size but not a mini, on/off light, added OD for wah solos, switchless activation (wah part). Haven’t tried it yet but auditioning the new pedals on the Metro 20 tonight before I drill holes in the board.

DMM big box (analogman tweaked w/four 3008) is being boxed for future rotation. Have an AD900 3005 X 2 chip version not that it really matters 3005 x 2 or 3008 x 4, a Wampler Faux Echo V2, Maxon AD-80 RI (3205 RI circa 2000’s not the 18v orig), Digitech PDS1002, Dan Echo, and all are great. DMM is just the best delay I’ve ever heard so researched for the XO with orig Panasonic mn3008 chips and bought it for the reduced real estate on the small Metro board. Big Box ain’t going anywhere though and I’ll do an A/B with the XO at some point. I’ll post clips of the Morley when I test it. Running each pedal guitar to pedal to amp first before I plug into the PS and then drill into the board. Echo Dream 2 is first in line.
I never hear this one mentioned, but the Tech21 Killer Wail. Only wah I've played that I liked. Shame it's discontinued but it's pretty cheap used.


Get the Wah that is used on the tone from the song you are trying to copy, if you are doing that. If the Wah sucks tone, then that tone was also sucked in the same way.

If you just want a Wah for your own stuff, the CAE is great until you find your flavor and get more precise.


Unconventional and I’m not saying a better way to go but I’ve been using a WMD Protostar with an expression pedal. Great sound, can be tweaked to taste and with a reflex as the exp pedal any range and sweep seems possible.
Upside is it’s also an auto-wah, filter and more & great sounding.

Downside is it’s easy to change settings & required if used for any of its other functions. Not hard to return to the sweet spot though all but impossible mid song.


I'll be the first to big up the switchless Dunlop 95Q! Bought mine mid 90's and I'm still using the same wah, its never let me down, [ replaced the heel switch once] sounds like a classic crybaby [unlike Morleys] and is always ready at an instant. Can't go back to switches now, there's now turning back.

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