Beware of MJT/Musikraft customer service!!!


an update to my post. the options i have are order another body, or take 1 they have in a different wood. i chose that since the body that supposedly was ordered twice was wrong both times.

i'm sure they probably aren't happy with me at this point, but i paid full in advance. i was raised in a family owned business and realize some folks can never be satisfied. i am not one those type people, but i do expect for what i'm buying to be what i want. like i said above, if i had decided halfwqy thru this ordeal to change what i wanted, i can understand a strict no refund policy. at this point i'm not even getting what i ordered by no fault of mine. i refuse to wait another 12 weeks on a new body because i'm not sure that the 3rd time would be right.


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ahh.. we all have one like this occasionally, and they simply refuse to be made happy... or make demands that really preclude resolving the issues...

I had one a few years back ... took delivery of a pretty expensive guitar, then immediately, and I do mean immediately set out replacing everything he could... then when he screwed it up, demanded his money back. Interesting thing, it was a custom, he could have ordered it with everything he changed..

Both MJT and Musicraft have stellar reputations... I'd encourage all to consider that aspect....

Not defending the OP but companies make mistakes too. I know what ya mean about customers that refuse to be made happy, and that could be the case. Sometimes a company with a stellar rep delivers something sub par.

Good, responsive customer service makes all the difference. So hard to find these days.

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