Bicomp vs Wampler vs dinosaural compressor

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  1. mikoo69

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    Jul 17, 2006
    In the market for a compressor and looking at these 3. 2 main needs are clean sound volume knob swells to give more body to the sound and decrease the dynamic range a bit on the swell, and second to get some more sustain for leads/slide playing when using clean or mild Overdrives.

    I use a handful of Analogman pedals and love them so the bicomp is intriguing. Tried the Wampler Ego out in a store and thought it did a great job for my needs, and really liked the blend knob. Finally, I heard amazing things about the Dinosaural opticomp, which also has a wet/dry blend....unfortunately I can't try out the bicomp and dinosaural so if anyone can suggest which of the 3 to go for, considering my uses, I am all ears. anyone compare these 3?
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  2. DecoWaves

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    Aug 20, 2014
    you may want to edit your thread's title ... I was wondering what a "sampler" was until I figured out you meant Wampler.

    If I might suggest one more you may want to consider ... the Barber Tone Press. I recently went through a similar decision process and it came down between the Wampler Ego and the Barber Tone Press and, having chose the latter, I am very happy with my decision. The two are very similar. Here is some of my initial feedback from over the past few days (includes a comparison to a Ross-modded Dyna Comp):

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