Big List of Road/Flight Cases, Amp/Cab Covers and Guitar Cases/Covers/Bags/Jackets


These are completely unique lists (not just copied from another website), and more comprehensive than any others on the internet. Each listing should be a manufacturer, and not just competing dealers for the same product.

Please post any more you know of and I'll update the lists.
Hope the lists help folks looking for gear protection!

The lists will be in the following posts:

Flight and Road Cases
(now split into US and International Sections)

Amp, Cab and Gear Covers

Guitar Cases, Case Covers, Gig Bags, and Guitar Jackets

NOTE: See the Big List of Guitar Cab Makers here:


Flight and Road Cases

United States

Affordable Cases

Anvil Cases

ATS Cases

Austin Custom Cases

B.A.D. (Big Audio Designs) Case and Rack Systems

Barry Cases

Bel Air Cases

Big Deal Custom Casings

Cadence Cases

Calzone Cases

Case Technology

Discount Distributors

Discount Rack Cases

Flight Form Cases

Gator Cases
Domestic airlines are enforcing new weight limits for luggage. Standard rules that are being enforced include 2 pieces of checked luggage per person and a 50 lb. weight limit per piece(100 lbs per/person) on domestic flights. This weight limit means that many conventional ATA guitar flight cases are too heavy for domestic flights now.

Gator has introduced the first ever ATA flight cases for guitars made from molded military grade Polyethylene. These cases are ½ the weight of standard wooden flight cases, virtually indestructible, and have been survived tests with over 3000 lbs. of pressure being applied to it. Recessed zinc plated lockable latches, too. These cases are specifically designed to meet the new airline specifications.

Hafer Case

Hardigg Cases

Hybrid Cases

ICC Impact Case and Containers

Katz Audio

Kriz Kraft

LM Engineering

MacGregor Road Cases

Maxline Cases

Modern Case Company

New World Cases

Penn Elcom - a worldwide source for case hardware, trussing, lighting, and staging

Pro Stage Gear - After a year of R&D, now launching over 40 new SKU’s at NAMM. Flight Cases for Amps, Guitars, Keyboards - regular/shockmount rack cases, and flight for Boomerang, TC Electronics G-System, Vox Tonelab, Line 6 XT Live and many more

Road Ready Cases

Rock Hard Road Cases

Star Cases

THD Gig Bag

TM Cases
Specializing in Pedalboard/Amp/Cab cases and parts

Makers of the industry standard touring/studio folding guitar stands and guitar vaults

Viking Cases

Weick Custom Cases

Wilson Case



National Case Co.


Amptown Cases


ABS Cases

Amptown Cases

Condor Cases

CP Cases

Dragon Cases and Bags

Five-Star Cases

Flight Case Warehouse

Freestyle Case Co.

Knights Cases

Oakleigh Cases

Packhorse Cases

Ray Doherty Cases (Ireland)

Spider Engineering


Kitty Hawk Custom Cases
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Guitar Cases, Case Covers, Gig Bags, and Guitar Jackets

A&S Case
This company is now the source for Kriz-Kraft style rack cases

Access Bags and Cases:

Accord Case

Altieri Gig Bags - will custom make gig bags for any stringed instrument

Ameritage Cases

Axsak Guitar Jackets

BAM Cases (from France)

Bass Bags Brand - Guitar Bags (from the U.K.)

BDK Music Gig Sak

Blue Heron Cases

Bobelock Cases
Mandolin cases (no guitar cases yet, I believe)

BT Sewing - Custom soft cases for instruments

Cac-Sac Gig Bags - including custom gig bags

Calder Originals
(These appear to be in the design phase, and not in production yet)

Calton Cases

Case Xtreme - Guitar Case Transporter

Cedar Creek Cases

ClimateCase Covers

Coffin Case Company

Colorado Case Company

Datt Cases Ltd (including custom guitar cases)
Kris Datt
9060River Road, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y7

Fender Guitars
Gig Bags, Premium Gig Bags, Hardshell and Foam cases:

Flightform Softshell Cases

Fort EPP Guitar Cases
Made by Lasido (the company that makes Godin, Seagull, etc)
Check out the details on this case made of EPP (used in bumper cores, dashboards, etc) for cushioning.
About the weight of a gig bag, but greater impact resistance than the average hard shell case.
Also, EPP is resistant to heat, cold and moisture.

Freestyle Case Co. (from the U.K.)

G&G Cases (old site)

Gator Cases

Gigster Guitar Accessory Bag

Hiscox Cases (from the U.K.)

Hi-Tone Cases - (may be out of business)
Sam Mancuso
3120 Seagrape Rd.
Lantana, FL 33462
Phone: 800.973.6845
Fax: 561.967.1862


Great news! InCase SlimBag and DubBag are headed back into production:

Johnson Fiberglass / ABS Cases

Kaces Bags


Levys Leathers

Modern Case Company - including custom guitar cases

Mooradian Instrument Covers and Gig Bags

MBT Cases

Pegasus Cases (from the U.K.)

Personalized Case Covers

Probag - a source for high quality leather gig bags
see review here:

Pro Stage Gear - check out the new Flight Case/Gig Bag Combo for Electric Guitar, Bass and Acoustic Guitar, featuring a "Take Away" gigbag inside an ATA Flight Case, UNDER the 50 pound Airline weight limit.

ProTec Bags and Cases

Protection Racket (gig bags from the U.K.)

Reunion Blues Gig Bags

Robles Road Case

Roksak Gig Bags

Ritter Bags,3,1

Saga Music - importers of Travelite, Featherweight,
Boulder, Golden Gate, and Superior cases
Check out the Travelite here, this is getting great reviews:

SKB Cases

Small Dog Case Covers

Stagg Music - (from Europe)
(select "Guitar Bags")

Summit Guitar Pack

TKL Cases and Bags

Tough Traveler

Travelite and Featherweight Cases

Tribal Planet

Undercover Cases, Covers and Gig Bags

Weick Custom Cases
Wow, great info collection. Does any one have alist of chassis manufactureres? Not the stock stuff like Mojo or Ampwares, but a real list of real chassis benders that will bend to spec.


"TONEDADDY", CASE MFGS., RESTORERS.,,,,, We're looking to purchase Correct "PINK VELOUR" type CASE LINING for a BROWN GIBSON CASE for 1959 GIBSON ES-345. Haven't had any luck with our typical vendors,,,Could anyone out there help ? Obviously, this is a One-Off small order; we'd certainly appreciate Y'alls Help, and will place Order asap. Thanks again, Regards, John Paul Wayne, for"Crew One Productions, Inc" (Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga offices).


CASE MFGS/VENDORS/FRIENDS,,,,, We are looking to purchase CORRECT STYLE "PINK VELOUR", as stock in 1959 BROWN GIBSON CASE, used with '59 GIBSON ES-345. Obviously this is a One-Off purchase, and we're having no luck finding. Will purchase immediately when do !!! Give us a shout,,,,Thanks again, Regards,,, John Paul Wayne, for "CREW ONE PRODUCTIONS, INC' (Atlanta,Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga Offices). Reach me via this E address, or at Atlanta Office: (404) 350-3541

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