Big Lots Jazz Chops Pt 3 - False Jazz on the Cheap w/Pentatonics 2 (Side Slippin

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    Demonstration first, then broken down demo afterwards

    The idea is perpetual flux of melodic tension and resolution.

    In Eb minor - alternates between two minor pentatonics whose roots are a half step interval from each other.

    The ascending pattern alternates between Eb min pent (resolution) & D min pent (tension).

    The descending pattern alternates between Eb min pent (resolution) & E min pent (tension).

    So the idea is that when ascending , use the min pent whose root is a 1/2 step lower than the home key minor pent as the tension, and when descending, the min pent a 1/2 step higher for the tension.

    The result hopefully results in a "push-pull" effect due to two opposite motions happening.

    In the 2nd part, on strings 1& 2 only, I am ascending each of the four note fragments of each Eb min pent shapes up to the next octave, & then descending, then likewise with Dmi pent.

    In the 3rd part, i am playing the first four note shape of Eb mi , then the next Dmi shape ascending, then resolving on the next Ebmi shape.

    That continues up to the next octave, then like wise with the descending Ebmi pent - E min pent

    Rewind to the beginning again , and the idea of it should be a little more clear.

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