Bigger versions of smaller amps.

Boeing bloke

So I feel like I’m ready to step up to something bigger. At home I’m playing through a Silver Jubilee 2525 head through its matching cab and wondering if the best option would be to just get the 100 watt version for simplicities sake.

I know it won’t be a 100 percent match but....

has anyone simply stepped up to a bigger version like Mesa Mark V, Marshall mini jube or similar and how close was the sound?


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It really pays to try some different wattages before you buy if you can. Some will say you don't need more than 25w, but there is more at play than just volume. Now there are great options to tame bigger amps so the deciding factor should be headroom, compression and bandwidth. If you only use low output single coils, it isn't as huge of a difference. But I like to have clean headroom with humbuckers and that comes with bigger iron. Typically, the 100w will not compress as much and will have a wider, tighter sonic footprint, whereas the 50w will compress more and concentrate a little more in the mid-range. These results typically follow the same trend the smaller you go. Now one isn't better than the other and I like to have both small and large amps depending on the application. As I said though, the best way is to play a few different sizes to experience the difference if you can.


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