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Bigsby related, should I change my tele saddle?


I want to put a bigsby b5 to my thinskin avri tele, with vibramate tev kit with string spoiler. Should I change my avri saddle bridge? Can I use my existing saddle without any compensation on tuning when the bigsby are already installed?

Worth to note that I am a bisgby user also on my gretsch, but never on tele. How would bigsby change the string tension on tele? Would it be tighter or looser? I am thinking whether I should chnge from .10s to .11s?
I think the wise approach to a Bigsby on a Telecaster is to buy a T with one already installed that's really plays great, off the racks. Don't try to install the Bigsby on an existing guitar because fitting is a pain and some guitars just mightily resist arrival at a great set up.

Marc Rutters does a great bridge with portions of the back lip cut away so the strings have a clean path, then he's got eccentrically slotted chrome saddles that will stand up to the constant sawing action of the strings under the Bigsby, but if it was me I'd be putting those on a T type with a nice working Bigsby already on there. I think the world is full of Bigsby conversions that just fell short - very elusive undertaking iMO.

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