Bill Asher Ultra T review

Dana Olsen

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Bumping my own post - the Bill Asher Ultra T is a really cool guitar - check it out!

Thanks, Dana O.
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Thanks for posting your review Dana. It is very gratifying as a builder to get this response from a seasoned player like you. I am very excited about the Ultra tone T-Deluxe model of mine, after 3 years of refining this idea. TPG Members please check it out I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks, Bill Asher.

todd richman

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Hey Bill,

You deserve the accolades-your guitars are amazing. Sadly, I was unable to get my Ultra Tone a few years ago due to $$ issues but one day soon I will be in touch again. Keep up the great work and thank your for some very inspiring guitars.

Where is the info about the Deluxe?

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