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Sold Bill FITZMAURICE XF210 (Crossfire 2x10) Cabinet built by MATHER--unique and outstanding

Mark Williams

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BILL FITZMAURICE XF210 built by Mather Cabs (Peter Mather) is the amazing, innovative cabinet designed by AUDIO RESEARCH ENGINEER/SCIENTIST, not cabinet builder, Bill Fitzmaurice, and this one was built by top-notch cabinet builder, Peter Mather. It's loaded with an Eminence ALNICO RED FANG 10 (16 ohms) and an ALLTONE/NAYLOR 1040 (16 ohms), wired in parallel for a total 8-ohm load. This cab is closed back and does NOT have the convertible back. I have two BF XF212's, and in my opinion these BF XF cabinets are THE BEST GUITAR CABINETS EVER DESIGNED. Cab is in virtually new condition with maybe the slightest indications of wear. You have to experience these cabs to believe it. Learn all about this cabinet and see inside construction at http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/XFCabs.html.
Just $400 shipped CONUS and paypal'd for the loaded FITZMAURICE XF210. (Cost $517 plus shipping unloaded to have it custom built). Contact me at drpdryhnsm@aol.com or by PM with questions, requests, etc.

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