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My 30 year old Martin HD 35 has a problem with a section of binding which is coming off{a few inches}Is this a repair that any competent repairman could take care of.? The guitar is in Alaska,with my sister. Thanks.


Sure it can be repaired, especially if you don't ask for a flawless appearance. Finish touch up on a 30 year old guitar may be much more complicated than securing loose bindings.

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It' a pretty straightforward repair on a Martin but not exactly cheap if you want finish Touchup. I used to get these types of repairs on a regular basis back in my repair days. The binding shrinks and pops loose at the waiste and needs to be removed up to the seam where it joins, reglued, and the gap at the seam spliced with matching binding. I'm not a fan of stretching the binding unless it is a very minor separation in which it can easily be heated and stretched back into place. Find an experienced Martin repairman for this kind of repair.


To follow on David's .... If it's the typical binding shrinkage on the top you can often loosen the rest of the binding between the waist and the neck and with a bit of tugging and pick work liberate some binding length from under the fingerboard so you can reglue without splicing in more.

Like almost all guitar repairs there's the price to fix it and the price to make perfect and invisible.

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