Birthday coming up need a favor (EZ Drummer)


Can someone do me a big favor and put together a 1:30 long drum sequence with EZ Drummer for me to try with my Cubase SX? Since EZ Drummer doesn't have a demo I would really like to try just one pattern out to see if I want it get it. I would really really appreciate it. :)
Go to:

The OC Xmas Album

For the 2007 album I used EZ Drummer on the following songs:

* = recommended listen

*"It's Christmas Time"
"Santa Stole My Wife"
*"Winter Wonderland"
"Born In A Manger"
"Saint Sputnick"
"Santaaaaaa Ana!"
*"Finally Got Mine"
*"Irresistable Santa Weave"
*"Looks Like It's Christmas Again"

It's a pretty dang fantastic program. Has sped up my workflow AMAZINGLY and you can really tweak the heck out of that thing (up to 8 separate outs). I can't recommend it enough. I will say this though, running PSP's Vintage Warmer plugin on the drum track makes a world of difference too. Those two need each other.

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