BJF Honey Bee, Greer Ghetto Stomp, T. Rex Moller, or Something Else…


Hello everyone. I am a long-time lurker on these boards and have been following the overdrive discussions with some interest because I am trying to find the perfect pedal without having to buy and return pedals.
I have tried many of the more easily accessible pedals (Ibanez, Fulltone, T. Rex) and haven’t found “the one” yet, though the T. Rex Alberta came the closest.
So, I thought that I would attack this in a way that would make my toddler happy – a guessing game. I’m hoping that you guys (who have far more expertise than I) could tell me what I am looking for. So, it’s dumb, but here you go:
I am an overdrive that sounds like an angry 5 watt amp – a Supro or a Tweed more than a Marshall. You can’t really even hear me when the master plays quietly. But when he starts digging in, that’s when I come around. I am more blues rock than standard rock. Jack White would like me, The Edge would not. I have aspirations of being a light fuzz pedal, but I am still overdrive. I don’t color the tone too much, but I am also not too smooth. I certainly don’t have an unsightly mid-hump. I am fond of P90’s and of PAF’s, but I let them both speak for themselves. I find myself going from two Gibson SG’s (with said pickups) through reverb and then into a Fender Pro Junior (15 watt) amp. I play well with other pedals, but I could carry the day by myself if I had to.

Who am I? : )

Let me know! Thanks for reading!


Yeah, that sounds like a HBOD to me. The Ghetto Stomp is more like a very dark, low gain fuzz. The HB can be like Malcolm Young or Wilco...


Honey Bee for sure but also check out the Lovepedal Les Lius. If you're looking for versatility on its own, the LL might be better. But it's tough to beat the tone of the HB. Since you're using humbuckers though, they can probably push the HB for enough gain.

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