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Maybe Bjorn will chime in and help me out,
is there a BJFe (or MAd prof.) fuzz that sounds something like a tonebender?

Is there anyone BJFe experienced enough to be able to ellaborate what each fuzz would be comparable to (roughly, obviously...)



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For that kind of vintage fuzz sound, you'll want either the Folk Fuzz or the Snow White Fuzz, two pedals that are very hard to find.


I only have the Pink Purple, and have no experience with the, sorry I can't help, but I will say...

I have about 15 or more fuzzes. The other night I got them all out, (included are among others and from memory Fuzz Factory, '69, Sunlion, MXR 108, GI and Neo fuzzes, etc. etc. many different fuzzes) lined them up and did a shootout. I spent LOTS of time on each, and after several hours, a break, and still more time, I kept coming back to a few of them, but the one that just worked best with everything (I was using both single-coil and humbucker guitars also) and sounded best, cleaned up best, was the Pink Purple...

So that is the one on my pedalboard now.

I'd love to get ahold of a Candy Apple Red also...


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In my experience, BJFE pedals are unique. They don't attempt to clone other pedal's sound. The Candy Apple Fuzz is the wildest, craziest, fuzziest of the BJFE Fuzzes, if you're looking for a more over the top type of fuzz.

Bobby D

yes......i would say that NONE of them sound particularly like a tonebender.

i have not had a PPF.....

one that REALLY impresses me, and sort of gets overlooked, is the FOLK FUZZ, which is one that BJF has released the circuit for, and you can build yourself, or have someone else built it for you. John Fromel built one for my daughter, and it sounds AMAZING....

Candy Apple is the WILD CHILD of the bunch.

the Snow White/Arctic White is a big, deep, smooth fuzz, more behaved than a tonebender

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