Bjfe Honey-bee!


Has anyone here at TGP heard or played one of the
BJFE HONEY-BEE's possibly through any of the EL-84
based amps! I have a MAZ-JR./NR 1X12 combo and
I love the overdrive that the HONEY-BEE gives up
but I don't remember if any of the several people
that have purchased HONEY-BEES here at TGP were
running it through an EL-84 based amp or not!




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I've used it with 6v6,el34,and el84 amps and it is impressive with each. Just adjust the nature knob to suit. Try the search feature that this forum has to find many,many, MANY posts on this fine pedal.


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I use it all the time with my 17-watt Goodsell Super17 which is EL84 based and has a 12" speaker. At first I didn't like it - it seemed too congesting on an amp that was already warm. But when I matched it with a Klon afterwards - well I've been happy for over a year and my gearquest basically ended (and I've tried a lot of stuff before that, and after - other clean boosts, Eternity, Zendrive, other BJFs (I like the EGDM with the amp too though), various clean boosts).
Records beautifully, live cuts thru the mixes - its changed my life and
my playing - a little hyperbole - I dont know of anyone else here who sings
the praises of this combo quite like me (?) but there it is.

The widening of the Klon upon the HB prove a magic combo for my small EL84 - with the tele or Heritage 535 (in different ways - the HB gives up much more overdrive with the 535).

having a boost before the HB in some form (compressor, clean boost, another OD) works very well. The HB likes getting kicked a little.


This is what I was hoping to hear!!

I have a GIBBY 335 and I also have what I consider to be one
of the better "CLEAN-BOOST" pedals available the T.C.
Jauernig "LUXURY DRIVE" pedal! Sounds like the LUXURY
DRIVE would be a great compliment to the HONEY-BEE!

I have played the GOODSELL SUPER 17 and it is a very
sweet sounding amp! Amazingly with almost identical Power
and Pre-Amp tubes the GOODSELL 17 and the MAZ-18/JR.
are two completely different voiced amps but I would
say they easily compete with any of the other EL-84 based
boutique amps currently available!

Thanks for your replies everyone!:dude

Now I just gotta swing the necessary $300 that is
required for the HONEY-BEE!:crazy

Ed Reed

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I use a HB with a MAZ 18 Jr. I set the gain at about 10:00 and then work my guitar volume before the pedal and set the final volume after the pedal with a volume pedal. I'm very happy with mine. Also use the HB to boost a BB Preamp with it's gain set at 9:00, this rig covers a lot of ground.

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