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Black Cat BeeBuzz (fuzz)!


david torn / splattercell
Gold Supporting Member
i love this thing.

i have a feeling that i might treat it differently than some other folks do, maybe;
i do tend to keep the "fuzz" level below noon, and i use the tone control.
i seem to favor the Bee, but also love that Tom made the "boost" section just rockingly useful.

this 'clip' wasn't/isn't intended to be a professional demo of features & etc, fwiw;
i simply recorded it as a "1st exploration" a few months ago.
the fuzz really begins to get going around 1:22, in case you're feeling particularly impatient:

"abuzz in the belfry":

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Supporting Member
i love how it erupts when you let a chord ring out. like a beautiful mushroom cloud of fuzz


Old Growth
Gold Supporting Member
You're one of the few guitarists that can stop me in my tracks and compel me to listen. You just did it again at 7:58 of this track. :bow


Fantastic! Such a deep, throaty fullness to that fuzz.
Like bee-stung lips reciting poetry, sunlight pouring down like honey.
Great demo of my favorite dirt pedal. The "boost" channel works wonders when my Rivera Venus 3 amp is set for "tweed" tones, allowing complex jazz chords to ring clear.


david torn / splattercell
Gold Supporting Member
Man that sounds awesome, David.

serious chunk & real fat, matt; see how far i've got the tone control rolled-off in the "bee" mode?

tom did tell me that most folks usually just dime the fuzz, but.....

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