Black Crowes with Jackie Greene..

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    I agree with most of this. I love Luther's work on Warpaint and Before the Frost. But live, his tone was just too desparate from the rest of the band. When I listen back to recordings he just sticks out like a sore thumb, sounding like he's playing in a different band.

    I saw them early this year and Jackie wasn't up to snuff. But late in the year, when I saw them in Chicago, I thought he was fantastic.
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    Jackie was right at home during all four acoustic shows in Port Chester than when I saw him earlier this year. I preferred Jackie to Luther for the acoustic work, which is saying a lot since the Town Hall shows on 11/3/08 and 11/4/08 were classics.

    I also prefer Jackie to Luther re: electric work as he seems more at home on the Crowes rock songs. I really never took to Luther playing No Speak No Slave, Remedy...anything harder-edged.

    That's probably why I wasn't as into Before the Frost and Warpaint as much as I was into the 2nd-4th albums with Ford. The mix on those albums were 50/50 rock to jamband music while the latest were more Dead-like.

    That being said, Luther is a monster player and I love NMAS and enjoyed a lot of his rhythm fills (which Ford was exceptional at doing) with the Crowes. Overall, I prefer Jackie.

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