Black Friday / Cyber Monday - inadvertently opted out

I didn't see anything interesting for me at least on sale.

However it got me thinking how cheap would sound and I bought a $65 Glarry guitar, $99 Monoprice 5 watt tube amp and about $22 Donner Morpher pedal. I spent a little over $200 total with tax and shipping. I sold a synth that I wanted to replace with something I would use. Can't wait to see how the Glarry compares to a Squier Bullet I played. Also curious to see how the Monoprice amp and Donner pedal sounds. It's crazy that whether on sale or not how inexpensive you can find guitar gear these days.
I have been watching the sales / deals,
for weeks now - and all through the weekend.

I even got up extra early today, to check for the Cyber Monday deals.

I saw some great stuff / great prices.

But I could not decide what I wanted / how bad I wanted it.
So...I ended up not buying anything.

That is out of character for me.

Anyone else in the same boat ?
To be fair, I did buy a watch.

But no musical gear.....yet.... :wave


When I want something I like to wait and think about it for a while, so those flashy flash sale gimmicks tend to put me off. I often run into issues when shopping for cars. Car sale people usually try to push you to seal the deal as quickly as possible, so I usually pass for a tough negotiator, which I'm not, I just really don't like being forced. Got me a few very interesting deals!
thyre all already fighting for scraps w razor thin margins all year. a lot of the time some of them are barely making money on a deal. a war of attrition w their competitors.

Trolley Car

I’ve decided - regardless of sales and how tempting they can be - to get more up close and personal with my fine collection of guitars and amps, and to fully enjoy what I’ve acquired over the last twenty years.

I started down this new road by having the frets dressed and complete set-ups on two of my guitars. What an incredible difference in playability when I picked them up and played them. They played like a different guitar, like a new guitar...

Tomorrow, my old hand-wired Fender- that’s been sitting in the basement for months - gets a trip to the doctor.

With this change of priorities I find myself playing more guitar and challenging my playing ability to reach a higher level.

This is more fun for me at this point than chasing down that special guitar or looking to save 20-35%.

It’s also a nice feeling knowing that in six months or so I will have all my gear properly cared for and performing at an optimum level.

Tom Fontaine

I bought a used fender reverb reissue from a local small business. Was a better deal than anything I saw new and on sale. Got tempted by a few delay pedals, but I still think I can get them used for less.


I get wanting something for a while
And then waiting until Black Friday to buy it. However, I don’t get buying just because something is a good deal. How much crap do people really need?


It's extremely rare that I see a black friday or cyber monday deal worth jumping on. The good deals are usually for things I'm not interested in. The stuff I want is never on sale.


I bought a new DAW (Studio One) for 50% off and an Eventide plugin that's normally $100 for $20 - but audio software seems to have near-constant sales of one kind or another so my purchases just happened to coincide with Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year.


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Unsubscribe Tuesday. Celebrate accordingly. (of course you are free to sign up again for giveaways).

Gear wise, I didn't see anything I thought was that great of a deal. Most of the stuff I want is never on those sales anyway.


I bought an Amp11 big box.
Lovepedal was having a big sale.
The pedal sells for $215
Lovepedal had it on sale for $150.
That's about a 33% savings.
That made me hit the buy button.
Great pedal, got one recently. Hope it works for you!

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