Black Jacket Symphony (Pink Floyd), Tacoma WA - 3.4.2020

Me Again

Caught the Black Jacket Symphony show last night in Tacoma, doing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album, start to finish, followed by an intermission and then a set of PF's "greatest hits." An EXCELLENT show. Below is a shot of their stage. All Fender electric guitars except for an unidentified electric lap steel on a tall table, some acoustics (a Seagull, surprisingly, and an unidentified jumbo (I'm uessing a Gibson) and one other, plus an unidentified bass played only on the very last song, Comfortably Numb. I noticed that the Marshall cabinet identified by the yellow arrow, on the left, had no speakers in it -- you could often see light coming through from behind. They introduced the band at intermission; all got nice ovations but the female singer and keyboardist/synth player easily got the most rousing applause, as she had absolutely nailed the female vocal on The Great Gig in the Sky.
Great players and a great show, folks, and their tour continues. BJS does these "tributes" to lots of other bands too, always doing a full album and then more of the bands' hits, as I understand. They're coming back to the area in the fall, doing Led Zepplin and featuring the entire Led Zepplin IV album. Google 'em if you're interested.... Great stuff!



I saw them in Phoenix last Saturday; definitely a spectacular show. I don't think my wife or I had ever heard a more spot-on rendition of Great Gig in the Sky. I would definitely see them again if I had the chance. 10/10 experience!

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