Black LTD Classic 88

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  1. roquero

    roquero Supporting Member

    Feb 15, 2009
    When I got the notice for the release of this pedal, I thought to myself: "Does the world need another Tubescreamer variant?"

    Better yet, do I need another Tubescreamer variant (after having gone through a Rockbox Boiling Point and a Maxon OD9 Pro+)? :bonk

    Well, I own just most of Jack DeVille's mechanisms of music (to borrow a term from his fellow Portlandiers from CB).

    Jack simply does not make a bad pedal.

    So I ordered one and tried it out today.

    As it "says on the tin", this isn't your Daddy's Tubescreamer- it's a Tube SCREAMER!

    Unity volume is at 9 a.m. Beyond that, the active volume control will, in Jack's words, "Slap the damned hell out of whatever it hits"!

    Even at 9 a.m., the gain delivers crunch aplenty, but I liked it full up- call me crazy, but it just gives beaucoup saturation, sustain, and ringing harmonics.

    The pedal turns my Strat into a Fat Strat, even into a clean amp.

    It remains to be seen if it will gain a permanent place on my board, as I still dig the Jack Deville Deuce Coupe for overdrive, but I can't wait to put the Classic 88 through its paces in a live setting.

    If you're interested in getting one, you'd better hurry, as Jack only made 44.

    JD, I'm not worthy! :bow
  2. padavis

    padavis Member

    Jun 22, 2007
    The Mothership(Reverb) had one of these. Really teetered between this and an El Cardinale. Ended up getting this. Should be home soon. I have been listening to the clips here and there and I am pretty excited about this beast! However, anyone out there have both the El Cardinale and the Classic 88? Any clips side by side... I know thats a specific request but this is 2017... and I know I am I resuscitating an old thread here sorry if this bothers anyone. Just discovered Mr. Black and Friday Club and now the LTD line though... I know i Know... where have I been... i dont know...
  3. calfzilla

    calfzilla Cynical Hack Silver Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2015
    Thread necromancy isn't the cardinal sin it used to be!

    I'm actually curious how this sounds compared to the VOD freebie from a couple weeks ago...
  4. OotMagroot

    OotMagroot Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    It's good to hear it has ample volume. Most TSs are quite lacking when it comes to output (my opinion, of course).

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