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Sold Blackbird 12x24 Pedalboard with Mounted Voodoo Labs PP2+ and Mono M80 Pedalboard Case


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I am selling a great pedal board with a mounted Voodoo labs pedal power 2+ and great Mono Pedal board case. The Blackbird Pedalboard is a 12x24 board in a cool Black western tolex and has a cut-out for a volume or wah pedal. The Voodoo labs PP2+ is mounted on the bottom of the board and is wired to an inlet that is on the outside of the board. All you need to do is plug in a female extension chord to the inlet and you board is powered up. I will include a nice long black extension chord to power the board. I have all the assorted cables that came with the PP2+ and even added 1 longer cable so that it could reach and power a volume pedal. All PP2+ cables are included. To top it off is a great Mono M80 Carrying case. This pedal board fits perfectly in this case and it is a great way to tote the board and pedals around. Has a nice storage compartment for extra cables and such.

Included in this Package:
-Blackbird 12x24 in Black Western Tolex
-Mounted Voodoo Labs PP2+ which is routed to inlet on the board
-All cables of different sorts to power your pedals with Voodoo Labs PP2+
-Long Black extension cable that will power the board
-Mono M80 Pedalboard Case

New the Blackbird board was $175, The Voodoo Labs PP2+ was $170, and the Mono M80 Pedalboard case was $170. I'm am asking $285, or best offer for the whole package shipped ConUS.

All items are in great condition and have been kept in a smoke-free home. I take care of my stuff. No rips on the case, no blemishes or problems with the pedalboard either.

I may consider piecing it out, but would love to sell it as a package.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

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