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FS Blackbox Ultraviolet 4 stage FUZZ - RARE ..$130

Discussion in 'Pedal Effects Gear Emporium' started by WahmBoomAh, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. WahmBoomAh

    WahmBoomAh World Crass Guitarist Silver Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2005
    New York
    This Blackbox Ultraviolet looks like a new pedal ...and sounds great . 4 stages of filtering EQ fuzz...go crazy!
    Tough crowd ...down to $135 (seen these for 199 and 249 in this cond.)
    • Fuzz - Controls the overall amount of fuzz and gain. Dial in less fuzz for a cleaner, lower gain sound. Dial in more fuzz for a denser, more layered sound.
    • Low Freq - Controls the center frequency of the low frequency filter section
    • Mid Freq - Controls the center frequency of the mid frequency filter section
    • Hi Freq - Controls the center frequency of the hi frequency filter section
    • Mix - Controls the amount of signal from the unfiltered fuzz channel which is mixed back in with the other three (filtered) channels.
    • Volume - Controls the overall effect output volume
    The unit also features a DC jack & a blue LED bypass indicator with true bypass switching.

    I found a new one that sold on ebay in 2013 for $199 with the following description

    This is a new Blackbox Music Electronics Ultraviolet Quad Channel Filter Fuzz. It is the original Blackbox pedal, not the later Oohlala manufactured pedal.
    The Ultraviolet2 is an insanely versatile quad channel fuzz with three active filter sections. For everything from warm, full range distortion to in-your-face, multi-layered, wall of sound fuzz and feedback fury. Think of it as 4 parallel fuzz units run through 3 differently voiced wah pedals. The Ultraviolet2 boosts your guitar signal, routes it through 4 separate parallel fuzz channels with 3 of the channels routed through active filter sections (each filter section voiced differently to affect different portions of the frequency spectrum); then recombines them with the ability to mix the fourth unfiltered fuzz channel back in. The assorted control knobs allow for a highly tweakable sound allowing you to get a wide range of tones from warm distortion to creating a very thick synth-like sound to "my amp is about to explode" sounds. The Ultraviolet2 also creates some really cool multi-layered, evolving harmonic structures not to mention being able to tune your feedback harmonics using the 3 active filter sections. With some instruments, it is even possible to achieve dual or multi tone feedback! For as dense as the Ultraviolet2 is, the signal remains highly articulated, with surpringly little intermodulation distortion and low end "mud". Near infinite sonic possibilities for insane fuzz audio terrorism!

    there`s another NOS box and all on the web asking $249 w this description

    "the ultraviolet 2 is a four! channel fuzz with three active filter sections. from warm, rich distortion to densly layered, in-your-face wall of sound fuzz more dense than a lead brick! not to mention the ability to tune the feedback harmonics and generate multiple discrete feedback harmonics at once. the uv2 splits your instrument signal into four separate channels, runs each through a separate fuzz channel and then through three active filter sections with one unfiltered channel which can be mixed in varying amount using the "mix" knob. think of it as four! fuzz boxes and three differently voiced wah pedals all run in parallel. near infinite sonic possibilities for insane fuzz audio terrorism!"

    Mine is as new w no velco or chips and since I`ve seen a used chipped up one that sold on REVERB for $120 , I`m asking $130 pp/shipped for mine in non original box
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019

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