Blackface Super Reverbs.


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I'd never argue that the reissues (Supers) are as good as the old ones. I've had both. But I would say the SR's are the best of the Fender reissues, by a long shot, and they're close enough, for $750 or so used, to justify.
My view is that Supers are not only the best clean sound, period, but that perhaps more importantly, they're the most pedal-friendly.


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My poorman's Blackface....a '68 with BF circuit.

She sings at 7, my wife bitches at 3. :BITCH



lannyhall said:
Your '66 Super Reverb looks great. Please change the caps before you blow a transformer.
Lannyhall - Thanks! I took the pics when I first got the amp. It's been to the tech since then. New caps and two or three new tubes. Ready to rock for another 40 years :dude


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I lucked into a '64 Super Reverb about a year ago. It's been my number 1 ever since... incredible bluesy breakup... great for classic rock... and the cleans cannot be beat. I played 12" speakers for years, but now I'm a complete convert to the 4x10 sound... fantastic. My only complaints would be the size and weight - it can be a load going up and down stairs - and it really needs a big room and the volume over 6 to give you its best. I don't get to do that often enough :-( Still, it sounds sweet at low to moderate volume and it takes pedals really well. One of the all time greats.


I had a Super Reverb in the 60's that I used with a Bassman. Lay down the Bassman cab, put the Super on top, Bassman Head on top of that. Huge clean sound. I don't know why I sold any of that stack, it was awesome.

I saw the Bluesbreakers tour also, and Robben Ford was using a Re-Issue Super. I spoke to him after the show and he said he's renting whatever he can. I guess he wasn't too into the show this go round, not his band, not his headline. Sounded decent, but not great mostly because Mayall wouldn't let him crank up or even mike it well, just a touch of PA.

I'm in the process of building a Super Reverb from a Weber kit right now. I want something that I can mod without guilt so this fits the bill perfectly.

BTW, for folks with old Supers that want to add controls, use the ground switch hole. That switch should be disconnected anyway.


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I've gt a '68 Super that I couldn't imagine living without. I did a festival recently with rented backline and they brought me a RI Super. I don't know if the speakers just weren't broken in or what, but it almost sounded like a solid state amp. I was thinking of getting one for a spare, but not now. You can get an early silverface for that kind of money and have an amp that sounds good.


monstermike said:
And one of the most conceptually and functionally perfect amps ever made by anyone.
Absolutely. I have an early '68 SF Super Reverb I've had for two years. I like it now even more than when I bought it, and that's saying a lot. It covers more ground, better, than any amp I've ever owned. I don't own a guitar that doesn't sound great through it.

I used to have a '65 BF Deluxe Reverb. Great amp, no doubt, deserves it's reputation. But something was always missing, I never quite got what I wanted from it. For some reason, I bought the Super. I traded in the Deluxe a year later. The Super (to my ears) did everything the Deluxe did, bigger and better. Shimmer, fullness, warmth, funk, and GRIND. The Super just has a voice.

I think it's the BF guts, the 4x10s, and the big cabinet. Something about big amps. The Super just has this mojo I've found in no other amp. I love gear that just seems to want to "do right", that you don't have to fight or coax to get tones out of. I don't have a lot of natural talent, but I love music and playing, and need every edge I can get.

Downsides? It's heavy. And, it's way loud for home use, if you have people who care.

Solutions? I got an anvil case with 4" locking casters. Still no help on stairs, but everything else is a breeze. For off-hours home use, I use an attenuator, esp. with Strats. Heck, with my Les Pauls, I don't even need the attenuator, it hits the front end so hard.

Enough gushing. You just can't go wrong with a decent Super Reverb.

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