Blackstar Artisan 15



I played a Blackstar Artisan 15 at GC a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It was one of those addictive amps that you didn't want to stop playing. I spotted one for sale online for around $750 and jumped on it.

In terms of tone, this amp is an AC15 and Marshall 1974. Channel 1 is the Vox, Channel 2 is the Marshall. It doesn't have a MV so you just crank it to get the goods. Thankfully the goods show up very quickly. It's also a dirty amp and my les paul was getting overdrive at around 2 on the volume dial. The tone is absolutely amazing. Extremely detailed swirling overdrive with tons of harmonics, every note in a chord is heard and breaks up beautifully. It is louder than any 15 watt amp I ever played, and you can really hear and feel the difference between this and a lower end PCB board amp. I have a Vox night train combo, and it's a great amp, but the artisan is louder, more responsive, has a firmer low end, and just drips with gorgeous crunch all day long. I'm getting more and more convinced that a quality hand wired amp is absolutely worth the additional cost. This amp just feels so responsive and makes playing so much more enjoyable and easy!

I played a Marshall 1974x at GC as well, fully cranked and I am hard pressed to tell a difference in terms of tone quality. The Artisan actually sounds a little better when playing super low volumes with no tube breakup.

Here's a video of me playing a gibson LP custom through it. Most of the time it has no effects, but towards the end I use tremelo, delay and a wah to get some big leads.


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