Blackstar ID100 TVP + Torpedo CAB for direct recording

Ok I'm about to buy one of these Blackstar ID100 TVP to tryout at home and connect to my Torpedo CAB for direct recording purposes.

Now, I thought I could just connect this directly to the Torpedo CAB. But apparently, it needs speaker load - which the Torpedo CAB does not have.
This pic here suggests the amp needs speaker load:

Does the "Koch Loadbox" work for my purposes - or do I need another solution to feed the direct signal of the amp into the Torpedo Cab?

Is there a cheaper solution than the Koch Loadbox?
Thanks :)
Let's say in my case, I need to use the Line outs instead of the USB - for various reasons.
Also, I still need a loadbox, no?
Ok, on another note: can I use the Koch Loadbox (rated 60 Watts) into my buddy's 100 Watt Marshall JVM head?

The Koch is only 60 Watts though - will that be a prob?
And into which red output do I have to connect it? (noob!)


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