Sold Blankenship Variplex - Now $1150 shipped!


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The not-so-seen Blankenship Variplex. This is a great amp that nails the early VH tones as well as many other classic Marshall tones. The big surprise about this amp is that channel/input 2 gives a great Fender type tone. The variac really works at both changing the tone and lowering the volume to really any level you want. I have also used this with an Alex's Attenuator with great results. Just selling because I have too much gear.

I purchased this from Second Gear Music in Nashville (great guys to deal with BTW). They purchased this directly from Kyle Cook from Matchbox 20. This was part of his touring rig for a while.

Here is why the price is so low...when the amp was shipped to me the variac was packed inside of the chasis and it is quite large so it bent the chasis slightly as can be seen in the pictures. This is purely cosmetic as the amp functions totally as it should. The bottom 2 inputs don't do anything but I guess it's how it came from the factory. As well, there is no back panel....the store received it that way from Kyle.

So thats what we have here..a really killer amp that does Marshall to a tee and even some great Fendery tones. All of this for $1195 shipped to the US or Canada when you pay with paypal gift. If you want to pay with regular paypal the price is $1250.

I am not interested in any trades at this time other than maybe a nice wah pedal.





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