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FS BLOCKHEAD Jose style high gain JMP build!


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For sale is my Blockhead Jose High-Gain 100 watt Head.
This head was Ossie Ahsen's (the founder of Blockhead Amps and now with Three Monkeys Amps) personal head.
Brad Whitford (one of the "Three Monkeys") lent Ossie his real Jose Arredondo Marshall. Ossie blue-printed and made an exact replica of the circuit. This is what this head is.
It was designed to deliver the EVH Fair Warning tone and does it to a T.
It has the standard Jose circuit and two additional gain stages Ossie implemented.
Handwired. Master volume. Two gain knobs. FX loop.
Absolutely mint condition. Has never left my basement.
What else can I say.
Birch cab Custom Built
100 watts- 4x el34 4x12ax7 all JJ
The chassis is a metro JMP
Heyboer pt
Drake ot
Heyboer choke
Phenolic sockets
Phenolic circuit board
Bournes pots
Carbon film Carbon comp resistors selected for each position
Mallory 150 / Radiospares/ Vishay/ Cornell and Sprague capacitors
Lots of shielded cable for quiet operation
Pres/ Bass/ Mid/ Treb/ Master/ Pre1/ Pre2/ Brown Knob
Passive loop Send/ Return (Return can act as line in)

According to ossie, contrary to what has been said here, this was the only one he built like this. It’s an unbelievable amp, however I got a morin modded Marshall at the same time, and one has to go, tough decision to say the least, they both are unbelievable. 2300 shipped and PayPal’d to your door. Thank you!!


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