Sold Blonde Gibson Memphis '59 Reissue ES-345


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Unfortunately I can't bond with the fat, round neck on this guitar so I need to let it go.

This is a fairly rare 2014 1959 reissue ES-345 in a nice ambered vintage blonde. It's mostly mint aside from a tiny (1mm) chip in the clear coat on the binding on top and some light swirling on the face of the headstock. The only unoriginal parts are the pickup covers which are Gibson replacements that were buffed a little bit so they're not quite as gold and look a little more aged without the crusty look most heavily aged ones have. I don't have a scale handy at the moment but the weight feels like its in the 8.5 pound range and it has a fairly thick neck with a very round profile. Kind of in between a '58 and '59 neck. The Varitone gets cool sounds and is out of the circuit when in the first position, plus it's a factory mono guitar so you can plug straight in.

Includes OHSC, COA, gold Schaller strap locks (not installed) and if you want I can include a set of aged gold Throbak Pre-T pickups with it for an additional $275 if you want. They've never been used.

Sale price is $3,475 shipped in the CONUS only. Trade value is around $3,600.

Trades (+/- cash as needed):
-Vintage Martin 00-18E (factory DeArmond electronics)
-Vintage Gibson L-00
-Fender Brownface Super
-Vintage two pickup single cut Melody Maker
-Vintage double cut Les Paul Junior
-R4, R6, R9, or G0/R0

More pics available on request


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