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Blown JRX Speaker?


Could use some cyber diagnostics on a JBL JRX112m. Last week one of our JRX112m's started cutting in and out. It'd sound great, then drop in volume, clarity, distort a bit, things like that. Tonite when it started it never recovered. It just sort of faded out, until it was about half the volume. Swapping out the cabinet for a different monitor solved the issue, so I know it's not something in the system; it's the monitor.

I've had a tweeter blow before; and have replaced those (altho' I'm not entirely sure it's this box I've replaced it in). But when the tweeter did blow, it didn't act like this - Intermittent performance. I'm wondering if it's possible to have blown the voice coil in the woofer. Or maybe something else I'm not familiar with has gone bad. The monitor is about 12 yrs old. In fact, its a "Sound Force" rather than a JRX - same speaker, just a different year/name. Any ideas? Or is my description too vague?
If JBL are anywhere near as good as Tannoy with their customer service just send it to them (or an authorised repair centre/dealer) and they'll sort it out. Ring them first of course and I'm sure they'll be able to diagnose it straight away.
I've got a 20year old pair of Tannoys and they were more than happy to have it sent to them to be fixed. Sent, fixed and returned in 10 days. Only cost me £90 and they paid the return postage too.


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Might be a good time to upgrade your FOH. The JRX line has never been their flagship to put it nicely.

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