Blown PT in Vibrolux

I have a RI Vibrolux Reverb with a blown PT. I rebuilt this amp a few years ago with a hoffman board. The guy brought it to me b/c it was blowing fuses. Sure enough, the PT is shot. Is there a way I can figure out why this happened? I don't want to have another one go out on him. The only thing that seemed wierd was he changed the speakers and used those slip on terminals, and some were falling off. I can see how a no load situation would blow the OT, but not the PT.

On the output transformer i'm getting 77 and 83 ohms from the center tap to the plates, and the speaker side is reading 1.4 ohms when disconnected. How do I check and make sure the OT is ok?
Yes, all the secondaries are disconnected. Fuse still blows. The only thing that could mean is bad pt right?

s2, yeah I pulled open my old Vlux and the OT's ohmed out the same, it should be OK.

mr coffee

uranus major
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I'd say yes..bad PT.
upside is there are better replacement ones now than when it was made

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