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Hello all,

In the past this forum has helped out with parts for a cigar box project we had - thx to all who helped that out. Today we are facing an increasing need for instruments and/or cash donations to help with our mission of providing musical instruments to "medically fragile" children and young adults. To date we have contributed instruments to several hundred kids, and we have outfitted over 20 children's hospitals with all the instruments they need for Music therapy. I guess we are becoming more successful and well known because we are starting to get a lot of requests. We are doing one hospital a month and 4-5 kids a week. The demand is beginning to outstrip our supply of both instruments and cash. We do multiple fundraisers, and I give 10 percent of gross sales from Category 5 to the effort, but we could use a shot in the arm. If you could donate an instrument - its tax deductible. If you could kick in $5, $10, $20 or more in cash - that would be huge. There is a donate button on the website. Please check it out - all volunteer-no overhead, all goes to the kids. Thanks go out to our current sponsors, more are welcome! We just received about 50K worth of requests, so if you can, now is the time to help out. Music heals, and this is a way to support your passion for music by helping those who really need it.

Check out the cause

God Bless


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