Blue, superbright LED´s are....


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....Annoying! They can be TOO bright to the point they are actually blinding when you bend over to adjust something on your board.


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Ahhhh. So TAHT'S why I see guys on stage wearing sunglasses. I thought it was to try to look cool. Makes perfect sense now.


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No...seriously I like any LED that's brighter than the stock Boss ones. They'll suffice....big I think a bit bigger is better. The Barber Pedal LEDS are A-OK in my book. Not SUPER bright....just big enough to be seen.
IMO, the primary reason to use super bright LEDs is to get the same brightness at a lower LED current. This improves battery life.


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I have personally been blinded numerous times with my Durham Sexdrive...I would bend down to adjust a control on another pedal and forget that the Sexdrive is still on and get drawn in to that blinding blue light. Next thing I know, I flinch away in pain. Boring old red or amber are good for me...but you will find a way to make it pretty, Matt.

Uma Floresta

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They look good, but starting to be overdone. Moderately bright is good, and 5mm is better than the Boss size - 3mm.

The color of the LED should be matched to the color of the pedal - if a pedal is painted red or orange, a blue LED won't look good. Blue looks great on blue, silver, green, yellow or white pedals, however.

Bright green is a good alternative color.


I like my Durham Sexdrive blue light. It's crazy bright, but you can tell in a sec if it's on or not in bright sunlight.


I had a modded DMM that had a really bright white light in could see it on a high ceiling in a dark room!!! That thing could have served as a lamp.


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They're very cool.
That said, I agree. They can get annoying at times and borderline blinding. really.
They sure do look killer, though.
and +1 on the sex drive LED being *SUPER* bright. my god, man.

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