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Bluebird Amplifiers Vintage Overdrive Special head

Discussion in 'Amps & Cabinets Demo Videos and Soundclips' started by icarusi, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. icarusi

    icarusi Member

    Nov 15, 2008
    Some sounds from the Bluebird Amplifiers Vintage Overdrive Special head. The extreme end here was still at 'living room' levels. No pedals, just directly into the amp. It does all the conventional sounds too, and cleans up nicely from the guitar's volume control, even from that extreme setting.

    'Trying out the Bluebird amplifiers vintage overdrive special head. No pedals, just directly into the amp. The channel switching is either 'groove' channel alone or 'groove-into-grind' via pull pot or f/s. The 'grind' channel does have 2 vol controls for cascaded gain stages in that section. In the clip I've got 'groove' 'vol' full up and 'grind' 'OD drive' and 'OD level' full up. I missed 'groove' 'level' which seems to be on 1/2 and master to taste which was quite low considering the tortured 'beast-in-pain' sounds available, and it still cleans up quite well on the guitar vol control. If you need an amp to 'sound' loud without having to actually be loud then this is it. Does all the 'normal' sounds too, so do others, but usually not the extreme ends too. Of the 8 knobs 5 are for volume and 3 are for tone.' http://www.bluebirdamplifiers.com/#!product/prd14/3397306851/vintage-overdrive-special-head

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