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Blues Driver (Boss BD-2) "Dialing it in"


I have blues driver and I am wondering how you guys are dialing it in. Are you stacking it with other pedals and in what order? What styles are you playing with it? I mostly looking for any suggestions when using it.


Rig really matters with the BD-2 in my experience. More than most pedals. But I find useable sounds in this beast at most settings on the dial.

Stock pedal:

- into a small amp that breaks up on its own, Level 11-1 for unity. Gain 8-10 o'clock for extra presence/life. Tone 8-10 o'clock (really). Control saturation from guitar volume pot/pick attack (it's what the pedal is designed for).

- into a larger amp/clean machine. Adjust level down and gain up to reach the same effect.

Full disclosure. I really, really like the stock pedal.

I love the Galaxie BD-2 mod. It really fixed a couple of my nits. This after trying other mods such as Keeley, JHS, etc. They seemed to take away from what I liked best about the stock pedal (again, only to my ear/rig). The Galaxie kept what I loved, fixed what I tolerated and added some things I hadn't expected but which are totally useable/nice bonuses (one example, to my ear does a great *umble impersonation with the Drive up past about 2 o'clock). And now I can use the Tone control on the pedal through more than 1/4 of it's CCW range.
What kind of sound are you wanting? What kind of music? What kind of effects do you have now and how are they set? What kind of amp are you using? Tube or solid state? Are you using its own distortion?


I miss my BD-2 sometimes

I ran it into a Fender SRRI. Vol above tad above unity, a hint of Gain, and the Tone rolled back a little bit (there's a ton of treble in this box as you prob have already figured out).

It stacked well with my other dirt pedals, I usually kept it last in my line of dirt.


My setup right now is as follows.

Tuner>Keeley Comp (4-knob)>Fulldrive 2 Mosfet>SD-1 (MA-GT Mod)>BD-2 (H20 plus mod)>Line 6 M9>Boss DD-20> TC Electronic HOF>Buffer> Egnater Rebel 30>112.

I also have a fulltone plimsoul which is not on my board at the moment.

I play in a worship band but I also play a mixture of blues and rock.


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For a mid-gain OD I usually go Volume and Gain both at 10-11 o'clock and tone at 1 o'clock.

I want to say both John Mayer and Ryan Adams ran it at similar settings when I've seen it on their boards.

Mine has Keeley mods.


It's not my main dig, but when I use it I have a WF Rat RI going into it. On the BD-2 the tone is just below 9 O'clock - Volume around noon - gain between 12 - 2 O'clock.

I was experimenting with it last night and was able to get some Faux Devi Ever Shoegazer sounds out of it when stacked with a Rat. May have also had to do with me running my DRRI on '10' with the half power switch on.


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stock pedal - tone backed all the way off, volume at noon, gain at 2 o clock. very nice crunch that cleans up beautifully

Monte Allums H2O modded BD-2 - tone at 11 o'clock, volume also at 11, gain anywhere. such a versatile pedal, from clean boost to flat out distortion. it does it all


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I dial it in with a Keeley mod then back off the dirt till it just creeps in some hair in there. Match pedal volume to what my amp is set at..

This makes for a great platform to build or stack another pedal to, for more gain or solo's I use one with a Boiling Point and OMG its awesome!!


My settings on all drive pedals depend on how much power tube saturation I'm getting.
Clean Base Tone
15w EL84 Fender blues Jr. (knobs run 1-12)
Preamp gain low 3-4
Treble 4
Bass between 2-5
Mid 7-10 (cut on mids STARTS @ 12 on tonestack on this amp if using hb pups I turn it to 3-5 area)

Pedal order

CryBaby (TBypass) > ISP Decimator (buFFer 1) > Dynacomp (Tbypass) > BD-2 (buFFer 2)
> Abunai 2 (8o8 clone TbyPass) > MXR 1oBandeQ (18volts + TB) > MXR CCopy (18volts + TB) > WhirlWind line selector ( Buffer 3)

It's placed in line as my first drive getting the power tubes to saturate and sweet tone crunch settings on STOCK BD-2 is pulled from:
Output above unity @ 2:00 - 4:00 (too much output boost will not allow my Ab-2 to soar on my lead boost!)
Tone @ 10:00 or less ALWAYS
Gain @ 8:00 slight clipping breakup chime / up to 2:00 heavy clipping crunch

I use the dynacomp mainly to hit the signal and work it on and off often for clamping down on my hot strat pups and hb ers

Blues driver is my choice after not getting enough out of my Ts9 style pedal stacks (transparent layer just to stand out and cut through on lead lines) the tube screamers are heavy mid range humps and bass cut. Not crunchy unless pushed into a 50 or 100watt amp. BluesDriver gets crunchy and clean. It's also a buffer if you care for those types of pedals


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I like volume 1:00, tone 10:00, drive 10:00 for just a little grit/boost. SD-1 sounds ok going into it (also with pretty low gain). I also have a fuzz or 2 that stack well with it. Into a Twin usually. I like how it lets my single coils shine through the grit. It can get bright of course!

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I have blues driver and I am wondering how you guys are dialing it in. Are you stacking it with other pedals and in what order? What styles are you playing with it? I mostly looking for any suggestions when using it.
3 knobs dude. Abide and work it out.:cool:


Level a little above unity, which for me is right around noon, give or take. I use it for light jangly dirt. Gain is usually between 9 and 11 o'clock. Tone around 11 o'clock. Sometimes less. I normally play a Telecaster into a totally clean amp. All Dirt from pedals and boosts.

I sometimes use it in front of a TC Dark Matter. Adds some sustain. BD-2 is my favorite Boss pedal of all time. Had it for many many years.

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