Bluesbreaker semi-open back cab vs D-style oval ported back


How much impact on tone, particularly low end, will these two 2x12 cabs have using the same speakers and signal chain? I play a TR Custom Reverb into a 2x12 Bluesbreaker-style cab with one of the horizontal slots open across the back, loaded with ASW KT-70s. Love the speakers when I'm standing directly in front of them, but the sound very easily becomes too boomy and washed out/not present enough when I'm not standing directly in front. Would throwing the ASWs into a TR 2x12 sig cab help things on that front?


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Where do you have your cab? If it’s in a corner or right against the wall it can cause that boominess. Also, what are the dimensions of your cab? If it’s too deep it can also cause that problem. What is the cab coupling with; wood floor, carpet?

I have a TR2x12 and a Alessandro 2x12 with the half back (both with G12-65’s) and the TR has more bass; probably partly because the Alessandro is a more compact cab.

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