Bluetooth controllers - finally coming out of the woodwork.


Ever since I got my first iPad, I had been wishing for a wireless Wifi or Bluetooth MIDI controller that could work with it. For the first couple of years, there was nothing at all out there...

But in the past 6 months or so, there has been some sort of mini explosion, with IK Multimedia bringing out their Bluerig, then the creators of JamUP guitar apps also announcing a Bluetooth controller.

Today I came across this on Facebook:


It's called the Quicco Bluetooth controller. Early days yet, but this photo is apparently from NAMM where they were selling prototypes.

Exciting times ahead. I haven't purchased or used any of these yet.

Anyone out there got any of the above controllers? Do they work well? Anyone used one in a gig situation?

Any other controllers that have been released that might be of interest to guys that hang out here?


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I agree that the wait might be finally over for all these to hit the market.

I have the IK Multimedia blue board. Works well, but I use it at home. I only used it with bias /jamup so far. I have not used it in awhile, but There might have been some switch latency. I will retest this and edit the post when I can

I would of preferred metal switches, or at least more of a tactile feel, but other than that, it works great for me.
I have the blueboard and use it live with both Jamup pro and Ampkit. Works well. I do wish it had more control buttons though. But it's a start.

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