Bogner Duende 812 Seco Mojado


Here is a short spec sheet on one of the new Bogner Duende amps displayed at Winter NAMM 2008.

Anyone tried it at Winter NAMM?


* New * Duende 812 Seco Mojado

This amp has the regular 1x12 combo shell with two additional 8" speakers
mounted left and right power by a 2x6V6 15W power amp.

1x12 Speaker will be pure dry sound, reverb will be coming through additional poweramp through the 8 inchers.

There will be an additional control to the two existing reverb controls on the second poweramp to set the level. Second feature will be an additional in put for effects on the second power amp with level control.

So you can for example hook a delay up to the regular send and run the output of the delay in to the second poweramp so the 1x12 will be pure dry sound.

Also now available Two Tone Custom Color

" w/ Piping Style

" w/ Overlap Style

( backpanels will be in one color only )


Well, based on the specs I placed an order for one.

Im 90 days away though ... Im assuming the wait is because I ordered the 240v version though it may just be a normal occurrence for a new product by Bogner.


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JM, I bet you're going to love this amp. I'm really intrigued by the concept.

Do you also have specs on the 30-watt Duende?

Shane S

I heard it at the NAMM show and it does indeed sound great. I did not get the list price. Does anyone have an idea of how much it costs?


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Check out the Bogner site (in the "News" section) for info on the three new Duende models.

-> 30W head, 1x12, or 2x12
-> 1x10 combo (12 watts)
-> and the 812 Seco Mojado

Pretty cool stuff.


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I played it at the show. My fav item at NAMM. It sounds huge. Mr. Bogner is one cool dude. I want one.

Adam Stark

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