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Bogner Duende - Still good?



I'm looking for an amp for home playing and recording and the Duende seems to fit the bill pretty well. I'm in the UK and Bogners are pretty thin on the ground here. Dealers don't seem to be stocking the Duende either, so not much chance of trying one before ordering. Seems like it's fallen out of favour to the lunchbox amps for home use or bigger amps for playing out.

I've seen quite a few old posts from Duende owners on here and wondering if they kept them and what they think of the amp now and does it still hold up to the new stuff? (for ref I'm probably looking at a 15/18w 6v6 combo) Tones I like are EJ, Rush, ZZtop, Zepp etc. (with the odd bit of VH / Dokken for "monkey hour", though I'd prefer a more vintagey or pre-jcm800 sound on the overdriven side. Would prefer something on the responsive side -my last proper amp was a 5150iii 100w and I found the cleans on that very stiff (been using an Eleven Rack for the last couple of years))

Tremolo and reverb and something a bit vintagey sounding would be very cool. Keep thinking about the Goldfinger which looks great but would prefer something smaller really (even the 1x12 GFcombo is pretty massive / heavy). Been looking at the Atma too...looks very well executed and flexible but I'm not sure if it has the mojo I'm after and would prefer 1 unit I can move around the house ideally.

The clips I've heard seem to vary enormously but I really like all the sounds in this clip - does this seem pretty representative to Duende owners? even my clumsy fingers could make good music with those sounds.... (though it's a head unit and he's using different speakers)

Many thanks for any advice / opinions.

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Tweed Tube Tone Purist
I demo'd one once and thought it was great. Great tones, knob layout made it a bit limited.

In the end a Dr. Z M12 with od pedals sounded better and bigger and warmer and fatter.


I really liked the amp when I tried it. Verb wasn't great, but the whole thing was swampy and cool. Nicely made package. You might also want to look into Swart AST Pro for that sort of thing.


Still breathing
Platinum Supporting Member
Still have mine and dig it. Mine is older and has the swamp switch. I especially like it with both channels running.


Silver Supporting Member
Love my Duende. I think it's the best amp Bogner makes. I used to own the combo but I now own the 12/24 watt head. Gives me a bit more head room on the clean channel. That amp loves the G12H 30 70th anny speakers, so that's what I would go with. The tone in the video above shows the range of tones you can get with the amp, and the guy can play, so that certainly helps. I find that in the room, through the G12H 30 speakers, the duende gives a very rich, warm, chewy overdrive. I'd say it has the sweetest overdriven tones of any bogner I've played.


Thanks for the helpful replys folks, that's all very encouraging. It certainly sounds like just what I'm after. I've arranged to try one out later this week (15w combo with a G12H30). Will let you know how that goes. I wondered if anyone had tried the rear panel line out for recording? (with IR's)

Had a look at the Swarts too and they really do look nice. I have to say I'm a real sucker for their styling - some of the coolest looking amps I've seen.



So did you get it? I have the 15 watt head and I'm very happy with the overdrive channel. I feel like I need to spend more time with the clean channel and really dial it in.

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