Bogner Harlow as a poor man's Nady Wireless/Schaffer Replica?


Since i bought my Gibson SG Standard i find myself obsessed with Angus Young's live tone but i dont have enough dough to buy a Schaffer Replica.

I saw a Bogner Harlow at good price (used) so i thought it could be a good replacement for the Schaffer.

Can the Bogner Harlow act as the infamous Nady/Schaffer replica? Like a compressor meets transparent overdrive to boost the front end of a 50W Marshall plexi? Im lookin for that nasty compression that Angus gets when playing know, that greasy/about to explode sag.


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Not sure how close to a Schaffer the Harlow gets, but I do know the tilt tone control is great to use, the compression at low settings is great for me into a Fender, and it can give a big signal boost. I really like the Harlow and can see it being useful for you, but I'm not familiar if the Schaffer is also supposed to impart some sort of tonal quality like an Echoplex preamp.

Kyle Ashley

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I love the Harlow. It sits as the first pedal on my acoustic board. It adds a beautiful euphonic tone with a slight compression that works great on my T5. I found it to add too much compression even at the minimum settings for my style and rig with electric guitar.

I haven't played a Schaffer box in a long time, but from my memory of it, the Harlow is quite different. I may be wrong, and don't have time to research it, but I think the Schaffer is more of a compander and maybe some dolby style encoding.


try a RAT or a RAt-copy...besides all the talk about the compressor stuff (not denying anything) from what they told me the device has same chip as the original RAT inside. To get a very similar shift in the mids I use a Mooer Black Secret with very little Distortion, good volume and full treble (switch on Vintage mode).

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