Bogner Harlow vs. EP Boost as a tone sweetener


I've always been back and forth on my EP Boost. It's moved locations several times and used as an always-on sweetener. Lately though, I've kind of gotten sick of it. I feel that it adds too much low-mid "cloudiness" that is just introducing too many rogue harmonics.

I've thought about adding a treble booster or something similar, but I'm just not sure. What are some recommendations for somewhat "brighter" always-ons? Ideally, I would operate it at near-unity gain. I don't want just a pure EQ pedal. I've thought about a Harlow, but I don't see enough of them to get a good opinion
rogue harmonics, lol.

i go through phases where i wont use my ep too. when happen to be able to play at volumes and settings where my amps sound and feel perfect i leave it off. other times and settings i kick it back on.

treble boosters are not what their names imply. they are in effect a distortion pedal that only distorts a spec frequency. using it as a clean boost or into a clean amp would sound like vomit. excuse me, it would introduce many, many rogue harmonics.

maybe a sho or clone if youd like a little extra treble


I love Harlow, but maybe for on ALL THE TIME pedal, I would go with EP. I currently own a Harlow, but sold my EP a while back. I like EP booster and Spark booster a lot

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