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Bogner Helios vs Goldfinger SL

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Helios or Eclipse vs Goldfinger SL45. I'm torn between these amps but no chance of playing before purchasing. Would the GF be looser/more sag, than the Helios? These amps seem to cover the same ground, no? Matter of feel? Please enlighten me.

I'm going for .38 Special, Foreigner, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC etc.
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I have the GF SL. For me the SL version is what I prefer. The 77 mode on the drive side is worth the SL IMHO. I would say the Helios is a little more immediate with a bit of a more raw edge. I have not been able to try an Eclipse. It sounds like the Eclipse has a lot of gain on tap versus the original Helios. Maybe a little too much, not that the lower end of the gain spectrum will get you what you are looking for.

The GF SL is not overly loose by any means, but just not quite as tight as the Helios. The GF does good older Marshall tones albeit with a slightly rounder/ less raw top end with a some Bogner voicing in the mix. You can ease out some of the Bogner qualities with the knob that shapes the gain to get it a little more toward the Marshall side of things.

Very easy to play on as far as feel goes and an excellent clean channel with good adjustment with the switches and tone stack. The boost features are nice as will for solo boosts making it really kind of a 3 channel amp.

The clean channel stays very clean with tons of headroom so a grit pedal will be needed to get some breakup to lower end gain.

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