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Bogner Shiva - Duende S/M AB test


Senior Member
Monday I took home a Bogner Shiva and a Duende Seco-Mojado to try to decide which one to get.

And after hours of playing the only possible way out of this is the way I've been solving similar dilemmas


Either is hard to pass, believe me. There are enough well-articulated glowing reports on the Shiva here, so I am not going to say much about it, other than I disagree with the people who think it doesn't sound good a low volumes. With the MV at eight o'clock sounds great already, I can see it improve even more as you crank it, but in a small room it gets painful soon.

The Duende Seco-Mojado is the epitome of innovation. With two independent power amps the top driving the 12-inch front speaker and the bottom amp driving the two side 8-inch speakers, there are many interesting configurations: from the top amp send output into a delay or leslie effect box and into the bottom amp input you get otherworldy effects, if you give the amp some room. The clean with the bright switch on is wonderful and quite warmer than the Shiva's clean. And although it's only a 15-watter, it's good enough for small venues.

The dealer had only one Seco Mojado and being a floor model I got an excellent price for it. The lowest street price seems to be $3333, but some dealers are gouging already while supplies are scarce and there is no used market. Like this one:


The Seco Mojado is 8 pounds heavier than the Shiva 1X12 combo, so I'll be looking to get a luggage hand truck. I was on the marked for an amp I could carry easily to the local jams; I progressed from the Egnater Rebel 20, to the Boogie Express, to the Alchemist, and then I saw the Duende, which led to its big brother, then I read this forum and I got curious about the Shiva. Of course, once you hear the Shiva you get hooked, and here I am with two heavy amps I did not need, but I want like I want oxygen.

I guess I'll have to get the Egnater Rebel 30 when it comes out for the portable amp I STILL need.

Oh well...


Silver Supporting Member
congrats on the Seco Mojado. Its an incredible amp. Im surprised more guys arent checking them out. I love mine. Maybe its the price, but when u take into consideration of everything u get, its a bargain.


I'd love to try a Duende SM. How do the additional speakers compare to a Leslie rotating-speaker type of cabinet? Are they there just to spread the sound around the room, or more for additional effects? By themselves, without any additional effects, do they just create more "ambience?"

If it weighs more than my Shiva combo, I'd think twice about picking one up though (literally). My Shiva is a back-breaker as it is.


Senior Member
I've never tried a real Leslie speaker, unfortunately. I have a RotoSim, and it sounds better through the SM side speakers than in the Shiva EF loop. Especially mono in, stereo out.

That is, the upper amp send goes into the pedal mono in, the left out goes into the upper amp return, and the right out goes into the bottom amp input.

The Shiva 1x12 Combo is 68lb the SM 75. Ideal for wrestler-musicians.


Green & Gold Supporter
Congrats, Tiglath!

I have a Shiva I purchased about 4 years ago and, about a year ago, bought a Duende (non-SM). I have a travel case on heavy-duty wheels for the Shiva and got a Studio Slip clamshell cover for the Duende to keep weight down (back surgery 2 years ago). I haven't heard the SM but would love to compare sometime. I couldn't imagine it weighing more than the 1-12" Shiva. I do love the tones of both my amps, though, and appreciate the differences as well.


The Duende SM is very cool. I was surpirsed to read the weight. I had a 1x12 Shiva, and ended up converting it to a head, way too heavy for me.
I may be able to live with the weight issue for a Seco Mojado though!

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