Bon Jovi without Sambora


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I was never a huge Ritchie Sambora fan; his playing started growing on me as the band got less metally and more soulful over time, but he still came across in interviews as a bit of a douche.

But the other night I heard a live broadcast on Sirius of the now Sambora-less Bon Jovi playing their new album with a new guitarist - PhilX. Gotta say, it's just not the same band without Sambora. It seemed that every solo from Phil X had the same very fast ascending 16th note run, followed by something with the wang bar. Not saying I'm as quick as him, but it really lacked the melodly and soulfulness that Sambora often added.

Anyway, just my opinion. But to me it showed how important Sambora is to that band, which I'd always thought of as the Jon Bon Jovi show.


I went to a Bon Jovi concert at my wife's request a few years ago. 15,000 women and him...and me. I like that song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" & it wasn't the worst way to spend an evening. Richie's a good guitar player and his playing is integral to those songs. He will be missed, I am sure.


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Radio rock with a few hits and a handful of great songs. I'm sure they had a good time. Ya, they won't be the same without Richie.


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Been a pseudo-fan since the 80s. While I think Ritchie is a most competent guitarist, probably under-rated, he sings as well, if not better than Bon Jovi. The two of them singing together is magic, IMHO. I like their body of work. I'm in the camp that thinks it's not the same band without him. He's got a place in my musical memory, fer sure.


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i love phil x's playing. haven't seen them live, and don't plan on it. but from a bunch of videos i've seen he is definitely holding it down. my one complaint... if you can call it that... he's almost too clean. doesn't have that dirty swampy soulful richie mojo. richie was the heart and soul of the band's sound. he also is a huge part of their vocal sound. it's just not the same without him.

side note: the new single "this house is not for sale" is a blatant ripoff of bruce springsteen's atlantic city. jbj has always been bitter that he's not as relevant as bruce. if you can't beat him, steal from him... i guess????
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Ritchie was a journeyman rocker who cut his teeth playing the Jersey bars. When he first heard a somewhat younger and greener John Bongiovi sing, he said to himself, "strong voice, good looking, good hair, Ka-Ching". In the early days at least, he was the more seasoned pro and the brains of the outfit. Sort of a Messina to John's Loggins. He hitched his wagon to that horse and the rest was history.

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