Bonamassa’s best guitar is a Tele (that “kills ‘59 LPs”)


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Flavour of the day ... Good to see that JB is a human being with just the same traits that we have. There is always a "bestest" thing in his arsenal. I'm not a die hard fan, but I followed his work and music over the years. In the early days I mostly saw him with Teles and Strats, and so many different amps that I can't even remember (Budda, Marshall/SJ, Fuchs, Van Weelden, Dumble etc.etc.). Then he started chasing the ultimate 50's LP. Then his switch exclusively to the Fender Twins (which I personally didn't really dig). Now the Dumbles are back in the game...

So bottom line - taste and preferences just change over the years. Maybe in few years he will find THE Strat and have a fav #1... who knows. Just play the damn thing and enjoy, that's my personal mantra these days.


Tele's are killer. He's got great taste
Joe has always used Tele types, since his 1st US tour with Eric Czar on bass in a white van ( i think it was $10 and stupid loud).

To me a Tele is great for fast picking and very versatile...i'll stick to my 65 SG Special....a solid body Gibson with P-90s that is a feather weight is hard to beat for this old guy LOL!

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