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I am a distant friend of Geardog and since he frequents this fine forum more than any other I figured I should follow suit and join the fray :D

I have recently had the wonderful epiphany AKA MIJ vintage guitars and thus sold my Gibby to start a fund for these fine MIJ guitars. 10 guitars later and counting and I cannot stop here. Perhaps I should be joining and Intervention forum instead lol

Anyway, cheers in advance to all for the future help and good chats to come!


Gold Supporting Member
Welcome aboard bud, I'm glad you decided to join. Here's a toast :drink

Udo has an excellent ever increasing knowledge of MIJ guitars. In addition to sharing info with me on Tokai, Greco & Burny, he has introduced me to such brands as Chandler & Fresner.

He's going to be a great contributor to this forum. He'd better be, because I feel responsible for steering him here.;)


New Member
Welcome to this site and I am also newbie here.
My name is Camelia and I have just recently join this site.
I am here to interact with people and definitely get
the information regarding experiencefestival community.
Glad to join this site.:clips

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