Boogie MK 1 RI


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I have a Boogie MK 1 RI head, which I run through a Two Rock 1x12 loaded with Two Rck 1265. I like that it is a good pedal platform. I run it clean, but can never quite get it sounding as sweet as I would like. I am apprehensive about selling it because it really is a great workhorse, and loud as hell.

Anybody ever retubed their MK1? Thinking of getting a full re tube kit from to see if that changes anything. It has had the stock tubes in it since I purchased t new in 2005. Thinking it is time to change em out and see if that helps!!!!


I liked the TAD 6l6GC in my mrk I. I always felt that something was missing in that amp
so I sold it and got a III. The older Boogies are great workhorse amps that need
a some good volume to get going.

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