Boost and dirt for Marshall 1974x


Calling any 1974x users, can I ask what boost / overdrive / dirt pedals you are using in front of the amp?

If you want to post what other pedals you use with this amp too - that would be great.



I've had great success with any dirt pedal through that amp, but more so at "clean" settings. Too much bass or too much fuzz from the pedal combined with amp gain gets very muddy.

That said, the best have been:

What sucked, sorta:
Truck Loud
NYC Muffs

Again though, the amount of amp gain was always the key for me. I run mine around 2. Club loud, takes dirt.


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I recently got the 1973X, the 2x12 version of your amp.

I love this amp--it sounds phenomenal with or without pedals. It's not 50w Plexi loud, but it's pretty dang loud compared to other amps, so some dirt is certainly convenient.

I've tried several extras I have on hand (I don't keep my board at home), and they all sound really good through this amp. In no particular order, here are a few that I found to work the best:

1. 90s LM308 RAT 2 - It's hard what saying a RAT doesn't sound good through, and the Marshall is no exception. Use the "sweet spot," as published in several TGP posts: Dist - 9 o'clock, Filter - 1-2 o'clock, and Volume - 2-3 o'clock. It doesn't get much better than this.
2. 2008 Fulltone OCD v4 - Pure bliss. These two are a match made in heaven. HP, LP, it all sounds good. I crank the volume and add gain to taste. It's a derivative of the DOD 250, so...
3. DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 Reissue - For some reason, this has to be the steal of 2016 (and, allegedly, the beginning of 2017) at 40 bucks at MF. I got mine earlier in 2016 when the deal first started running. Gain and Level at 1:30, each, then roll your volume down halfway for a nice meaty crunch with some sparkle. The 250 doesn't seem to like a full guitar signal, IMO.
4. MIJ Boss SD-1 - People typically recommend the SD-1 for Marshalls. Full up guitar volume, level and drive at noon-ish. It sounds really good.
5. Emerson Em-Drive - This pedal really sings with this amp. It's really a clean boost, but it's just a different way to get to point b, I suppose. This pedal has a great deal of bass (it reminds me of my EP Booster), but also has really nice clarity in the top end. Level at 3 o'clock (it's noisy above that), and gain at 9-10 o'clock. Very cool for clean-ish arpeggios.



I have a question about the 1974X -- does it have he same deep bass as a JTM45 and many other Marshalls? I have it in the crosshairs for my next big purchase. It's smaller so might be more usable. I'm odd compared to many guitarists in that I despise a deep rumbling lowend an doften make my pedal choices based on cutting some bass but not too much.


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I have a Ceriatone 1974 50 watt lead spec. For my money nothing beats the Timmy for that circuit, and I have tried many others, some that cost way more.

My other OD at the moment is a Menatone Dumbstruck which is supposed to be in the Dumble camp...not that I have much frame of reference there but I love it for OD with more character (than the Timmy).

For fuzz I love the Skreddy Lunar Module and any of the Trombetta Bone pedals.


88-91 Marshall... The Guv'nor.

Analogman Low Gain White Dot NKT275 Sunface/Sundial. I'm bettin the new CV Germanium transistors would also sound killer.

Mayer 4644 Drive

Timmy 1458 Chip.

Roger Mayer Voodoo TT


Empress ParaEQ/Boost

I also like to use a Compressor as a Drive sometimes. Use a good 1.

MOOG Minifooger Drive

Mayer Voodoo Blues/Mayers Version of a Rat.

Mayer Kuro Kage

Dawner Prince Diktator


I don't have a 1974X, but I was thinking that a Beano Boost into that amp would sound the business!

I feel like it would be the perfect eq tweaking for that amp, and he can add drive as much as he likes. But it wouldn't surprise me if he never crossed 11 o'clock on it, as the 1974 runs out of headroom pretty quickly. Trimming bass might even add a little headroom, in a weird way, since it's bass that eats watts.
I predict it would be glorious. Throw a Fuzz Face in front of it and good lord.....

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